8 Wired – Hippy Berliner – Berliner Weisse

Go tell your parents to clean the mould out of the crazy paving, because today we’re talking about the trippy Hippy Berliner….

In all seriousness, the name of the beer came about by mistake. Soren Eriksen (the head brewer at 8 Wired) sent an e-mail to 8 Wired’s sales guy saying that he was planning on brewing a ‘hoppy berliner’. What translated to the sales guy, through the miracle of spell check, was ‘Hippy Berliner’. The sales guy loved the perceived name, and it wasn’t until months down the track that Soren became aware of his typo. Nonetheless, the name fits perfectly…

Why you ask? Let me tell you; it’s fruity, but contains no fruit. IT CONTAINS NO FRUIT MAN! Wow, freak out.

The Hippy Berliner is dry hopped with US and NZ hops, and is naturally soured by live cultures.  It’s seriously like drinking a sour fruit juice. It’s not overly sour, but I think it suits the beer. I could easily drink this as a session sour, no worries at all.

You can smack your lips around the Hippy Berliner at Armakeggon, Saturday 29 August. Trust me you’ll want to add this little number to your tasting list… especially if you’ve wanted to get in to sour… I know that I’ll be having quite a few on the day.

The Back Door Cellars will be getting a stock of them as well.

The Technical:

Hops: Amarillo, Simcoe, Riwaka

Malts: Wheat malt

AVB: 4.5%

IBU: Generally around 4-10 IBU. This one is a little bitter due to dry hopping.

Colour: Cloudy light amber

Taste: Sour and fruity… Not overly sour though.

Overall: Get a slight pucker up peeps! This sour number would be a great introduction in to the realm of sour beers. I love it, not just because sours are my favourite, but because it is sessionable and very palatable.

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