Kaiju! & Killer Sprocket – KaKS Cotmari – Black Rye IPA

What happens when a Japanese monster and a murderous cog are genetically combined? Keep reading…

Kaiju! and Killer Sprocket joined forces to create a one off brew in November 2014 for a ‘meet the brewers’ event. Both brewers were vying for the most hoppy, malty brew. It was an unorthodox outrageous science experiment. Think Rocky Horror vs Godzilla vs Terminator vs Fifty Shades of Grey. The beast created was nothing short of lunacy! By all accounts, it was a hop and malt gargantuan machine bot. The creature needed to be tamed before it was released upon the crafty masses, so it was recrafted and refined. The result was a frankenbeer so glorious, fierce, tasty, dark and hoppy. Its name – KaKS Cotmari Black Rye IPA.

Kaiju! is known for its lavish hopped brews so you’d expect a huge hop driven brew, especially given its first batch. While it delivers a hoppy punch, the Kaiju!/Killer Sprocket collaboration provides a brew that’s toned down (a little bit) and malty. I personally liked this.

I’ve written before about a craft beer being holistically appealing. This brew has appeal in spades. The label is artistically incredible, it pours and looks great in a beer glass, it’s not overly carbonated, it has a decent head and an alluring aroma. What’s more, it leaves a dark laced trail on the glass as the hybrid beast is slowly demolished. Ticks all of my boxes!

This crazy monster is available at the Next Door Cellars now! Get in and grab them before I do… I’m not kidding. I’m prepared to blow the rent money for all of them.

Special note: thanks to Sean from Killer Sprocket for providing the hop and malt list. These details aren’t online so your help mitigated hours of continued fruitless Google searches.

The Technical:

Hops: Chinook, Columbus

Malts: Ale, Chocolate, Crystal, Munich, Rye

AVB: 7.7%

IBU: A whopping 140

Colour: Dark

Taste: A balanced hop and malt sensation, but a little more on the malt side.

Overall: If you love IPA, you’ll love this. If you love Black IPA’s you may develop objectum sexual tendencies.

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