Modus Operandi – Former Tenant – Red IPA (RIPA)

So, the story is that this gem is named after the Modus Operandi Brewery’s former tenant; an ‘export importer’ that diversified its operations to include ‘indoor hydroponics’ (wink wink)

The beer is packed with Mosaic and Galaxy hops which fills the glass with the heady aroma of the hooch; an apt name for a beer that pays homage to its ‘Former Tenant’.

I first heard this story when Archive held the Modus Mayhem dinner for the Modus Operandi folk earlier this year. I remember the beer being matched with a BBQ brisket with an awesome slaw and my favourite vegetable; mash potato (yes, I believe mash potato is a vegetable variety). It was sensational! I think I regaled the people I was eating with all about Red IPA’s and that I thought this one was pretty tops! This big ruby amber red bowled me over. I was in love. Turns out, it was awarded the Champion Australian Beer only months after its release! Modus Operandi are seriously the masters of their modus operandi.

What’s more, the Former Tenant RIPA is sold in a can (along with their other brews)… not just any can, a 996ml CANimal! Amaze.

You can buy this and other Modus beers in the Next Door Cellar now! I’m sure they’ll have it on tap again as well at some point.

Also, keep an eye out for the Modus Operandi IIPA at Armakeggon this year. It will be awesome for sure!

The Technical:

Hops: Mosaic, Galaxy

Malts: English base, Crystal

AVB: 7.8%

IBU: Not sure with this one. RIPA IBU generally ranges between 40 and 70. I’d say this baby hovers around 60-65.

Colour: Ruby Red

Taste: Big hops, balanced with big malt.

Overall: A ripper of a RIPA. Be careful, this baby doesn’t taste like a 7.8 percenter, so it’ll knock you on your bot bot.

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