Pirate Life Brewing – Pale Ale

Pirate Life

/’pʌɪrət lʌɪf/


Do what you want, when you want, wherever you want.

Pirate Life Brewers Jack and Jared aka ‘Red’ launched their beers at Archive last Thursday, a fitting place for a couple of shady, thieving, pillaging, and scurvy ridden ex BrewDog rouges. Not really (insert winking emoticon), these guys are a couple of cool brewers from Adelaide with their combined brewing expertise and experience gained through their time at Brew Dog.  This beery wisdom coupled with inspiration from the interesting world around them all contributes to the ’Pirate Life’.

Their approach to brewing is holistic. Of course quality craft beer is their focus, but they’re also aware that the beer experience is more than just the liquid. Let’s face it; we crafties take the greatest pleasure in enjoying a great brew; we drink for pleasure. The union of taste, feel and scent; the visual appeal of the label design and the packaging all contribute to the enjoyment of beer. When I sit back look at the beer and take a sip, I want all the elements to blow my hair back. If this was their intention, these pirates have succeeded.

I sampled all the brews at their launch at Archive (several times) and enjoyed them so it was hard to choose one to discuss. Nonetheless, a choice had to be made. So avast me hearties, I chose the Pale Ale you groggy bilge rats (no more pirate talk or insults I promise).  Deemed the ‘ubiquitous pale ale’, it is definitely going to be their most popular beer. Brewed to rival its US West Coast equivalents, it’s full of US hops, supported by a malty base. If you like the big US pales like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, then you’ll love this.

It would be remiss not to mention that Pirate Life Brewing love their cans; of a booby wench (it’s ‘a Pirate life’ after all), and the tinnie. Their rationale is that a can acts like a mini keg. It protects the beer from UV light and oxygen. Over exposure to both limits a brew’s shelf life. Not only that, cans are lighter to transport, they chill quicker, they’re less prohibitive (more money for beer production, yay!), and they sound amazing when opening. Who doesn’t love the sound of a beer can opening? No one, that’s who!

The Pirate Life beer range is limited to three at the moment: the Throwback, Pale Ale and Double Indian Pale Ale. All are available in the Back Door Cellar at Archive now, and will be stayers.

Stay tuned for more on this brewery. I’ve heard in the grape vine the core range will be complimented by limited releases and seasonal brews. I’m really hoping for a Saison. Please let there be a Saison!

The Technical:

Hops: Mosaic, Cascade

Malts: Ale Malt, Caramalt, Crystal

AVB: 5.4%

IBU: 50

Colour: Beautifully amber.

Taste: Nice dank hop flavour, balanced with caramel malt.

Overall: A pretty damn good (American) Pale Ale.

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