Mikkeller – Hues 2014 – Lambic Style Gueuze

There are times when you have to stop and pucker up buttercup… This is that moment.

Mikkeller’s Hues Gueuze is a spontaneous fermented beer that is aged in Hungarian oak barrels. No, spontaneous fermentation isn’t wizardry, it’s an old process where beer is fermented with wild yeasts that naturally occur in the environment where the beer is fermenting, instead of using cultivated ones like brewers yeast. For example, the yeast could already reside in the barrel.

This style of fermentation generally lends itself to a very acidic brew, which the Hues has in abundance!

When I first cracked the cork on the bottle, I kinda felt as though I was opening a beaut Champagne. Seriously, this beer is vinous, however with most sours, I spend very little time inhaling the aroma. I generally can’t wait to pour it down my throat… The Hues was unbelievable! My eyes may have rolled back in my head.

It was smooth, subtly sweet, acidic, and amazing. Any lover of a good Gueuze will definitely enjoy this!

I am always partial to a sour, so maybe I’m biased by my enthusiasm, but I URGE you to try this. It’s spring, its getting warm, and this little sour will surely quench a puckery thirst!

This is available at Next Door Cellar!

The Technical:

Colour: Light amber

Taste: Acidic, smooth sweetness, sour.

Overall: If you love a great very sour lambic, this is a must try!

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