I Bocked Myself Stupid…

Bocktoberfest 2015 was nigh for the brew boys at Brisbane Brewing Co, so they donned their brewer caps, aprons, a winning smile and a skip in their step and concocted eleven interesting, creative, alluring, bock lineup for the annual german inspired event held on Sunday, 4 October.

It was a massive day with massive brews ranging from a Sauer Bock to an Eisbock. All tasty and unique.

I sampled (some several times) all eleven bocks, although I was super disappointed that my mate Will won a t-shirt for finishing the 11 bocks before me. Finishing first is for chumps anyway…IMG_0006

All were sensational, but there were a few standouts and a favourite!

Of course, I’m going to highlight ‘Between an Bock and a Tart Place – Sauer Bock’. I love anything sour, and the boys did a superb job, but my top 5 are (in no particular order):

  1. Between a Bock and a Tart Place- Sauer Bock – 6.7% AVB
  2. Stool of Hard Bocks – Civet Cat Coffee Bock ( Civet poo – Kopi Luwak) – 6.5%AVB
  3. Taffinator 2 – The Rebock – Eisbock – 9.6% AVB
  4. Jenny from the Bock – Straight up bock – 6.0% AVB
  5. More Hopfen than Bock – IPA Bock – 7.4% AVB

There is a standout favourite: Frogg’n a Bock – Roggen (Rye) Bock – 6.9% AVB. I loved it!

To accompany the brews was some delicious Bocktoberfest inspired food. My personal favourites were the Hock Sliders, the Mini Dogs, and the Mac and Cheese with Hock. Very very very tasty, and just the thing to sop up the bocks! Hat tip to the chef and kitchen!

If you weren’t able to attend the Bock Party 2015, Brisbane Brewing Co will keep what’s left of the bocks on tap until they are gone, so pop down to Brisbane Brewing Co this week and fill your tummies with bock!

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