Need a Mead? Have a Read…

I had never tasted mead before. It’s a beverage that never really crossed my mind, until the good guys at Next Door Cellars gave me a bottle of Smoothbeard Sparkling Mead to try and review.

Mead to me was something from the Viking Age; fermented honey, water and spices, and the ancestor of all fermented drinks.

I tried not to have any expectations, but the thought of a strong honey flavour was keeping the mead at bay. I thought I would get a big mouthful of sweet runny honey. I was cautious to say the least, especially since I was told this drink would challenge me.

So, it was a warm night, I was thirsty, and the mead was chilled in the fridge. I cracked it open, poured it and took my first sip. Then a  sip became a swig, and a swig became a gulp…

I was blown away by how dry and thirst quenching the Smoothbeard Sparkling Mead was. At first I thought, it couldn’t be mead, could it? I could taste honey, but without all the sweetness. It’s odd, because I relate ‘honey’ and ‘very sweet’, but this had little of that. I was clearly wrong about this mead. It started like a cider, but with a welcoming honey aftertaste. More, it was incredibly palatable. A very pleasant, smooth, adult beverage. I’m certainly going to get some of these little honeys for the fridge.

The Smoothbeard Sparkling Mead is available at Archive Boutique Beer and at their Next Door Cellars.

A ‘must try’ if you’re after something a little different. Perfect for spring and summer.

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