Prancing Pony Brewery – Sunshine Ale

This last week, it’s been hot! You know summer is coming in Brisbane when blinking induces bum crack sweat. It’s times like these when my thirst is insatiable… well almost. If there is a refreshing brew handy, it tends to do the trick. The Sunshine Ale was just the ticket!

Adelaide’s Prancing Pony Brewery has celebrated the relocation of its premises by brewing the Sunshine Ale, and thank god they did! I was going to satisfy my thirst with water before I remembered I had this in the icebox! Phew!

It tastes like summer. Not too bitter, enough malt to sweet, and dry to finish. It’s a nice session ale for the sunshine.

The only problem with drinking this was that the boys at Next Door Cellar only gave me one! Stingy bastards. Luckily for you lot they have this brew as part of their October Special. Click here to get the details!

The Technical:

Hops: Citra (hopped 6 times!)

Malt: Pilsner Malt

IBU: 35

AVB: 4.8%

Colour: Light amber

Taste: Citrusy, moderately bitter, and dry finish.

Overall: If you’re after a craft beer that’s very easy to drink in hot weather, this little quencher will wet the whistle!

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