Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!

If you’ve read my blogs (notwithstanding I love almost all styles of craft beer) you’ll know I am a die hard for sours… Ohhhhh I love ’em!

The magnificent boys at Brisbane Brewing Co brewed the ‘Party Guile – Sonic Boom’ sour ale a little while ago using the equally amazing Gnarley Wine – Barley Wine mash, and kettle souring with lactic bacteria.

Parti-guile is a brewing technique that uses the left over mash to make a small batch brew from a larger batch brew. Why waste all that brewy goodness right?

It’s also been kettle soured which means the unfermented wort (the liquidy goodness extracted from the mash) is soured with lactic bacteria before being boiled and fermented.

So, the Aptly named ‘Party Guile – Sonic Boom’ is back on tap at Brisbane Brewing Co. It is a beautifully tart, refreshing sour ale that is perfect for the booming warm Brisbane weather. I can’t get enough of it! By far one of my favourite sours!

Head down to Brisbane Brewing Co for a pint or 2, every day until it runs out! Then have a cry because it’s gone you greedy bastards!

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