Bentspoke Brewing Co Are Expanding!

When I’m not at home in Brisbane, I’m at home in Canberra, and my partner Graham is very aware how much this news from Bentspoke Brewing will excite me.

Canberra is fast becoming a destination for great restaurants, cafes, bars and in my opinion, fab brews!

Hot on the heels of Canberra Beer Week, Bentspoke Brewing Co, one of my favourite breweries, announced they were opening a new packaging facility and family friendly venue in Mitchell.

This is fantastic news for the Canberra craft beer community, and also gives me another Bentspoke venue to frequent when I’m down.

For a list of Bentspoke’s brews, click here.

Also, if you live in Canberra or if you’re visiting, head to my stomping ground and second home,  Kingston, and check out ‘Beer Day Out’ at The Former Depot this Friday evening 6 November 2015 and Saturday Afternoon 7 November 2015.

For a full list of Canberra Beer Week events, click here.

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