The Great Gatsby Meets The Melbourne Cup

Every year scores of people frock and suit up for the biggest horse racing event in Australia’s calendar; the Melbourne Cup.

What we wear is always at the forefront of our minds (well some of us), and greatly depends on whatever event we’re attending. This year for me it was Great Gatsby all the way!

Notwithstanding the bloody hot day, I was suitably suited and on my way to The Loft West End’s Great Gatsby Melbourne Cup event.

Walking up the stairs to the loft, I was greeted by the very dapper Josh, offering a Pimm’s Cocktail or a glass of sparking wine; I took both.

After throwing the drinks directly down my throat, my attention was drawn to the mass of people clad in Gatsby’s best. Braces, bow ties, satin lapels, flapper bands, feathers, pearls, lace, bold make-up and lots of glitter and shine. Everyone looked the part; it was fantastic.

Then the room…

Unreal! It was a sea of tables clad in sequins, feathers, chandeliers, gold and silver. Then at the end of the room, perched high above the tables, was a beautiful burlesque performer swinging over the tables in a big swinging ring. It was wowing.

Fast forward to the food…

And then the burlesque dancers and the flamboyant Master of Ceremony…

A little bit of fire eating…

And some more bubbles (Prohibition? What prohibition?)…

It was an incredible day! Brilliant atmosphere, great drinks, beautiful food, awesome staff, and fantastic company.

Thanks to the Loft Management for inviting me, and thank you to all the people involved in making our day at the Loft one of grandeur, excess and tantalising fun!

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