Good Review Bad?

I have been asked a few times whether I’m ever going to give a bad review, or a review that picks up on elements of beer (or whatever else I’m reviewing) that aren’t so wonderful.

My simple answer is no.

Does it mean I like everything; absolutely not! If I’d have written about all the beers I have loved, liked, been apathetic, disliked or hated; I’d have written War and Peace ten times over.

There are several reasons that I don’t write reviews that remotely err into the negative, chief among them is that I don’t have time, but more importantly I made a conscious decision to write about things make me happy.

While it is cathartic, it’s not therapy. It is simply who I am. It doesn’t mean I’m not objective and I can’t be critical; I can. For this forum, I choose not to be. Beer is something I love, so I’d rather write in that emotive vein.

One could read in to this and question what I don’t review.

Now that being said, I love reading reviews that swing all angles, as long as they’re constructive and helpful.

I hope that has answered a few questions that have come my way!

Happy beering!

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