Smuttynose Brewing Company – Baltic Porter

We can thank the Baltic States for this number… Well, sort of.

Based on English porters, and introduced to the Baltic states in the 1700’s, the English porter was  bastardised to reflect the stronger and sweeter Russian Imperial Stout. Born is the Baltic Porter; rich and luscious.

The Smuttynose Baltic Porter is a treat for the senses. It’s sweet, has coffee and chocolate flavour dancing on the tongue, and has the hops working hard for a bitter balance.

Baltic porters are definitely not for everyone, but if you are looking for a gateway into imperial stouts, or want to kick the old porter style up a gear (or if you want to go from 0 to 100) then this style, indeed the Smuttynose Baltic Porter, may be for you! I certainly enjoyed it!

Just to reminisce, I remember one of the very first porters that blew my hair back was the Kooinda Milk Porter. My mate, Will, definitely knows that this was my ‘go to’ dark brew, and he’d probably agree that I wouldn’t shut up about it. This Porter is responsible for many subsequent dark brewy evenings.

The Smuttynose Baltic Porter is available at Next Door Cellars as part of their November Specials. Click on the logo below for details.

NDC Logo

The Technical:

Hops: Sterling

Malts: North American 2-Row, Munich 10L, Caramunich, Carahell, Carafe IIDH

Yeast: Old Bavarian Lager

AVB: 9%

IBU: 40

Colour: Black as the ace of spades!

Taste: Sweet, fruity, chocolate, coffee flavour. Nicely balanced by hop bitterness.

Overall: A big, boozy porter. Definitely a brew for one who loves their big beers, or is looking at upping the ante from a dark ale. Delicious!

This beer has been provided to me at no charge from Next Door Cellars. I do not get remunerated for any posts. Any opinion in this or any of my posts are objective. It is my policy to not post a review where the product has not completely tickled my titties or has not provided enjoyment.

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