Nive Beef Jerky – It’s a little bit delicious!

When you’re asked to try jerky and blog it, what’s a boy to do… Of course I shoved as much as I could in my face and shared (a little bit) around. Now, here’s the blog.

Since 2004 Doug and Rachel Cameron have owned and operated and  Nive Beef beef company in Nive Downs (No 4 Bore), Augathella 744km west of Brisbane. If anyone has ever been out that way, one would know it is quintessentially not the big smoke.

When I was a consultant a while back, I travelled out to Cunnamulla via Charleville and visited Augathella on a number of occasions. It’s a great place. Some of the things I remember most about my ventures in the western pocket is the great people, lamb, bore water, and fantastic beef!

Doug and Rachel established Nive Beef Jerky, their sustainable paddock-to-plate beef jerky in August 2015, which supplemented Nive Beef due to drought and low cattle prices. Doug, being a jerky aficionado, honed his jerking skills and crafted a homemade jerky product that was popular among his jerky doting friends and family. Now, Doug’s jerky is a commercial product, enabling Doug and Rachel to sustain a country lifestyle for them and their children.

Nive Beef Jerky is 100% grass-fed Angus and Charolais hormone-free beef  which is preservative‐free, low in fat, low in sugar and high in protein. AND IT IS TASTY! I especially love the Original flavour, but the Hot and Spicy is great too. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try the Heated Garlic, but I’m sure it is a tasty morsel.

What I like most about Nive Jerky is that the flavour doesn’t lose its intensity. The marinade has been allowed to permeate through every fibre of the meat making it morishly wonderful. It’s a delight.

While Nive Jerky is not available in bars or retailers in Brisbane at the moment, it is available for sale at

If you have an establishment that is in the market for a great bar snack, head to the above site or shoot me a message: and I’ll hook you up.

Get online and get your jerky! I know I will be…

Doug and Rachel Cameron



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