Yeastie Boys – Stairdancer Pacific Ale

I’ll admit I was pretty excited to taste this brew mainly because I loved the label. I am sometimes a bit superficial like that, but I’ve written about craft beer being holistically appealing, so I’m going hang my hat on it. Also, I was bloody thirsty!

The Stairdancer is a wheat-based session ale totally suited for the Australian summer. When I cracked it, the colour and tropical aroma instantly gave way for a summer special. It’s very fresh, refreshing, and I don’t often say this but it’s nicely citrusy (the Nelson hops working hard there).

For those who don’t know, most Yeastie Boys brews are named after songs and this ale is no exception. Click here to hear the tune from Disasteradio.

This is available at Next Door Cellars now. If you want to try this ale and you’re having trouble finding it, drop me a message at and I will help you out!

The Technical:

Hops: Nelson Sauvin, Pacifica, Southern Cross

Malt: Pilsner, Wheat, Sour Grapes malt

AVB: 4.4%

Colour: Pale Gold

Overall: A really awesome brew to throw back on a hot day (or whenever). Very easy to drink!

This beer has been provided to me at no charge from Next Door Cellars. I do not get remunerated for any posts. Any opinion in this or any of my posts are objective. It is my policy to not post a review where the product has not completely tickled my titties or has not provided enjoyment.



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