Archive Tap Takeover -Stone Brewing Co.

Last Thursday I got off my ample backside and headed to Archive for the Stone Brewing Tap Takeover. I’ve been laying fairly low lately so to retire the glorious role of being a home body, I broke the outing drought with this event hosted by Archive Beer Boutique.

To be honest I hadn’t looked at the beer list until I arrived. It was good, really good!

Beer List.jpg

I have to say, the Stochasticity Project Grainiac Multi-grain Amber Ale was the stand out for me. It is  Chocked with 9 unique grains (gluten free), and four American Hops (Columbus, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial). Let me tell you, the magnificence was palpable. Mainly because the brilliant beer was sitting right in front of me, and because I hadn’t had an outing in a while. I was a tad excited.

Of course, Archive’s hospitality was great (hat tip to Josh), and it was a pleasure to meet James Barry from Experience It Beverages (Distributors of Stone Brews).

Keep an eye out for more Tap Takeovers at Archive and other great Craft Beer venues around Brisbane!

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