Newstead Brewing Co – Wastelands Red Rye Ale

Getting beer mail is an enormous treat and a great privilege. I never in a gazillion years thought that I would receive beer IN THE MAIL! So to kick off what I hope will be more blog posts, I’d like write this post as a thank-you to Newstead for sending me the Wastelands Red Rye Ale.

beer-mail-newstead-wastelandsWastelands is Newstead Brewing Co ‘s second bottled small batch release, the first being The Outpost American Stout (totes delicious). I didn’t know their small batches are all named after old Brisbane venues and clubs.

Wasteland was a nightclub pumping out local underground electronic music. Well at least I think this is the venue they’re referring to.

Of course the brew has no semblance to a mind bending rave club and I’m far too boring to own hi vis attire, but it’s endearing that a great Brisbane brewery and venue immortalises the names of old Brisbane Venues.


The brew itself was just lovely. Very enjoyable. It was malty, spicy and hoppy, beautifully stinky, pleasantly bitter and a bears a colour that would rival the most glorious terracotta tile.  I’d have to say that a six pack would do just nicely on a crisp spring afternoon. Although it would be great anywhere, anytime. Even a sweaty, cheek chewing, hi vis, beat heaving club.

You can pick these up at any bottle shop that stocks good craft beer.

The Technical

Hops: Chinook, Cascade, Citra, Centennial

Malt: Pale, Rye, Caramunich, Biscuit, Chocolate Rye

AVB: 6.5%

IBU: 71

Colour: Terracotta

This beer was sent to me by Newstead Brewing Co. I do not get remunerated for any posts. Any opinion in this or any of my posts are objective. It is my policy to not post a review where the product has not completely tickled my titties or has not provided enjoyment.

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