Look at me please…

IMG_6764Welcome to the Squealing Growler!

Let me introduce myself. I’m Anthony, I live in Brisbane, Australia and I love beer, food, my partner Graham, and my dog Thomas(sometimes in that order).

This blog business all started after I attended a ‘Meet the Brewer’ dinner for Modus Operandi at Archive Beer Boutique. Apparently my incessant gabble about beer caught the attention of the venue’s Marketing Manager, and subsequently, was asked to  write a couple of beer reviews for Next Door Cellars. After writing a couple of few, I decided to collate them into a small blog that concentrates mainly on beer, food, and venues. So here it is!

From the outset I decided I wouldn’t  write anything that would cast a shadow on someone’s product. So, if I’m asked to review something that I’m not fond of, rather than bag it, I won’t blog it! Simple. Everything you read will be positive and something that I’ve enjoyed.