Newstead Brewing Co – Wastelands Red Rye Ale

Getting beer mail is an enormous treat and a great privilege. I never in a gazillion years thought that I would receive beer IN THE MAIL! So to kick off what I hope will be more blog posts, I’d like write this post as a thank-you to Newstead for sending me the Wastelands Red Rye Ale. Wastelands is Newstead… Continue reading Newstead Brewing Co – Wastelands Red Rye Ale

Yeastie Boys – Stairdancer Pacific Ale

I’ll admit I was pretty excited to taste this brew mainly because I loved the label. I am sometimes a bit superficial like that, but I’ve written about craft beer being holistically appealing, so I’m going hang my hat on it. Also, I was bloody thirsty! The Stairdancer is a wheat-based session ale totally suited… Continue reading Yeastie Boys – Stairdancer Pacific Ale

Brouwerij Alvinne – Sigma

If you don’t already know, I LOVE SOURS! Seriously… Dutch brewery Alvinne has created a deliciously fruity dark sour that will spark your interest; the Sigma. It’s a unique little bugger. Bitter, sour, sweet, and dry! A great combination of fruity flavours, balanced, and very quenching. Now, I understand that sours are an acquired taste, and that… Continue reading Brouwerij Alvinne – Sigma

Stone & Wood – Cloud Catcher

For thousands of years the Bundjalung people have known the sacred Mt Warning as Wollumbin, meaning Cloud Catcher, which remains a geographical icon and place of cultural significance for Aboriginal people, indeed Australia, and now the image that features on Stone & Wood’s Cloud Catcher Ale. When Stone & Wood expanded its operations to an old… Continue reading Stone & Wood – Cloud Catcher

Stone Brewing Co – Delicious IPA

Beer buffs know that Stone Brewing Co brew awesome big bottomed, hop combo’d Californian IPAs, and are always experimenting to burst new hoppy flavours into the IPA arena. Enter, Delicious IPA. Granted, the name isn’t all that creative, but it’s pretty much on song. It is a hoppy brew made for those who love a… Continue reading Stone Brewing Co – Delicious IPA

Smuttynose Brewing Company – Baltic Porter

We can thank the Baltic States for this number… Well, sort of. Based on English porters, and introduced to the Baltic states in the 1700’s, the English porter was  bastardised to reflect the stronger and sweeter Russian Imperial Stout. Born is the Baltic Porter; rich and luscious. The Smuttynose Baltic Porter is a treat for the senses. It’s… Continue reading Smuttynose Brewing Company – Baltic Porter

Noisy Minor Brewing Co – ANZUS IPA

Noisy Minor’s ANZUS IPA is a tribute to the Australian, New Zealand and United States hop growing nations. The ANZUS is Noisy Minor’s take on the great American IPA, but without malt immoderacy. There is no doubt that we are all familiar with Noisy Minor’s ANZUS IPA. It’s been in the The Local Taphouse Hottest 100… Continue reading Noisy Minor Brewing Co – ANZUS IPA

Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!

If you’ve read my blogs (notwithstanding I love almost all styles of craft beer) you’ll know I am a die hard for sours… Ohhhhh I love ’em! The magnificent boys at Brisbane Brewing Co brewed the ‘Party Guile – Sonic Boom’ sour ale a little while ago using the equally amazing Gnarley Wine – Barley Wine mash, and kettle… Continue reading Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!

The Six String Dark Red IPA – It’ll Blow Your Hair Back

What is better than opening a can of beer? Probably a lot of things, but opening a can of brew is on my list. It’s cathartic. It reminds me that the day is over and it’s time to sit back. The crack, the fizz, the burst of beery mist. It’s music to my ears. When Next… Continue reading The Six String Dark Red IPA – It’ll Blow Your Hair Back

Rodenbach – Damn Good Flanders!

If you were to blind fold yourself and smell this ale, you would know instantly that you were dealing with a sour, and I make a point of dealing with a sour whenever I can! Nonetheless, while the ale has a recognisable sour aroma, the aroma isn’t indicative of its flavour. The Rodenbach brewery has been brewing… Continue reading Rodenbach – Damn Good Flanders!