Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!

If you’ve read my blogs (notwithstanding I love almost all styles of craft beer) you’ll know I am a die hard for sours… Ohhhhh I love ’em! The magnificent boys at Brisbane Brewing Co brewed the ‘Party Guile – Sonic Boom’ sour ale a little while ago using the equally amazing Gnarley Wine – Barley Wine mash, and kettle… Continue reading Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!

The Six String Dark Red IPA – It’ll Blow Your Hair Back

What is better than opening a can of beer? Probably a lot of things, but opening a can of brew is on my list. It’s cathartic. It reminds me that the day is over and it’s time to sit back. The crack, the fizz, the burst of beery mist. It’s music to my ears. When Next… Continue reading The Six String Dark Red IPA – It’ll Blow Your Hair Back

Rodenbach – Damn Good Flanders!

If you were to blind fold yourself and smell this ale, you would know instantly that you were dealing with a sour, and I make a point of dealing with a sour whenever I can! Nonetheless, while the ale has a recognisable sour aroma, the aroma isn’t indicative of its flavour. The Rodenbach brewery has been brewing… Continue reading Rodenbach – Damn Good Flanders!

Prancing Pony Brewery – Sunshine Ale

This last week, it’s been hot! You know summer is coming in Brisbane when blinking induces bum crack sweat. It’s times like these when my thirst is insatiable… well almost. If there is a refreshing brew handy, it tends to do the trick. The Sunshine Ale was just the ticket! Adelaide’s Prancing Pony Brewery has… Continue reading Prancing Pony Brewery – Sunshine Ale

Need a Mead? Have a Read…

I had never tasted mead before. It’s a beverage that never really crossed my mind, until the good guys at Next Door Cellars gave me a bottle of Smoothbeard Sparkling Mead to try and review. Mead to me was something from the Viking Age; fermented honey, water and spices, and the ancestor of all fermented… Continue reading Need a Mead? Have a Read…

Mikkeller – Hues 2014 – Lambic Style Gueuze

There are times when you have to stop and pucker up buttercup… This is that moment. Mikkeller’s Hues Gueuze is a spontaneous fermented beer that is aged in Hungarian oak barrels. No, spontaneous fermentation isn’t wizardry, it’s an old process where beer is fermented with wild yeasts that naturally occur in the environment where the… Continue reading Mikkeller – Hues 2014 – Lambic Style Gueuze