Thomas’ Pick – Billykart West End

Living in South Brisbane/West End gives me endless choices for food and drinking venues. I’m seriously spoiled, so when when I heard that a Billykart establishment was going to be nestled at the bottom of Aria’s Botanica Residences, I may have squealed a little. Chef Ben O’Donoghue’s Billykart Kitchen in Annerley is a wonderful place to… Continue reading Thomas’ Pick – Billykart West End

Smuttynose Brewing Company – Baltic Porter

We can thank the Baltic States for this number… Well, sort of. Based on English porters, and introduced to the Baltic states in the 1700’s, the English porter was  bastardised to reflect the stronger and sweeter Russian Imperial Stout. Born is the Baltic Porter; rich and luscious. The Smuttynose Baltic Porter is a treat for the senses. It’s… Continue reading Smuttynose Brewing Company – Baltic Porter

Opening Soon – The Catchment Brewing Co – West End

West End is definitely getting its score of drinking and eating haunts. Chief among them is a brewery! I was thrilled to get an invite to Catchment Brewing Co’s Family and Friends event on Saturday 21 November. Of course I RSVP’d faster than a hornet with ‘roid rage, predominately because I wanted to support my good friend,… Continue reading Opening Soon – The Catchment Brewing Co – West End

Noisy Minor Brewing Co – ANZUS IPA

Noisy Minor’s ANZUS IPA is a tribute to the Australian, New Zealand and United States hop growing nations. The ANZUS is Noisy Minor’s take on the great American IPA, but without malt immoderacy. There is no doubt that we are all familiar with Noisy Minor’s ANZUS IPA. It’s been in the The Local Taphouse Hottest 100… Continue reading Noisy Minor Brewing Co – ANZUS IPA

An Evening of Oddities and Curiosities – Garage Project Edition

  When Brewski released the ‘An Evening of Oddities and Curiosities – Garage Project’ event on Facebook, my fingers couldn’t have worked any quicker messaging Matt Emmerson, Brewski’s drinker-in-chief, to secure my hot little seat.  Needless to say the evening was sold out in mere moments. Who wouldn’t want to have a night of food… Continue reading An Evening of Oddities and Curiosities – Garage Project Edition

The Great Gatsby Meets The Melbourne Cup

Every year scores of people frock and suit up for the biggest horse racing event in Australia’s calendar; the Melbourne Cup. What we wear is always at the forefront of our minds (well some of us), and greatly depends on whatever event we’re attending. This year for me it was Great Gatsby all the way!… Continue reading The Great Gatsby Meets The Melbourne Cup

Bentspoke Brewing Co Are Expanding!

When I’m not at home in Brisbane, I’m at home in Canberra, and my partner Graham is very aware how much this news from Bentspoke Brewing will excite me. Canberra is fast becoming a destination for great restaurants, cafes, bars and in my opinion, fab brews! Hot on the heels of Canberra Beer Week, Bentspoke… Continue reading Bentspoke Brewing Co Are Expanding!

Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!

If you’ve read my blogs (notwithstanding I love almost all styles of craft beer) you’ll know I am a die hard for sours… Ohhhhh I love ’em! The magnificent boys at Brisbane Brewing Co brewed the ‘Party Guile – Sonic Boom’ sour ale a little while ago using the equally amazing Gnarley Wine – Barley Wine mash, and kettle… Continue reading Party-Guile it Like Sonic BOOM!