Archive’s Grape vs Grain

My blogs are very few and far between these days. There are many reasons, but chief among them is my insatiable consumption of everything delicious, no holds barred. I have zero discipline, no self control. Essentially, I’m getting fat. I am a walking lava lamp so a little restraint has been needed. Notwithstanding the above, I hopped along to… Continue reading Archive’s Grape vs Grain

Archive Tap Takeover -Stone Brewing Co.

Last Thursday I got off my ample backside and headed to Archive for the Stone Brewing Tap Takeover. I’ve been laying fairly low lately so to retire the glorious role of being a home body, I broke the outing drought with this event hosted by Archive Beer Boutique. To be honest I hadn’t looked at the beer list… Continue reading Archive Tap Takeover -Stone Brewing Co.

Noisy Minor Brewing Co – ANZUS IPA

Noisy Minor’s ANZUS IPA is a tribute to the Australian, New Zealand and United States hop growing nations. The ANZUS is Noisy Minor’s take on the great American IPA, but without malt immoderacy. There is no doubt that we are all familiar with Noisy Minor’s ANZUS IPA. It’s been in the The Local Taphouse Hottest 100… Continue reading Noisy Minor Brewing Co – ANZUS IPA

Prancing Pony Brewery – Sunshine Ale

This last week, it’s been hot! You know summer is coming in Brisbane when blinking induces bum crack sweat. It’s times like these when my thirst is insatiable… well almost. If there is a refreshing brew handy, it tends to do the trick. The Sunshine Ale was just the ticket! Adelaide’s Prancing Pony Brewery has… Continue reading Prancing Pony Brewery – Sunshine Ale

Need a Mead? Have a Read…

I had never tasted mead before. It’s a beverage that never really crossed my mind, until the good guys at Next Door Cellars gave me a bottle of Smoothbeard Sparkling Mead to try and review. Mead to me was something from the Viking Age; fermented honey, water and spices, and the ancestor of all fermented… Continue reading Need a Mead? Have a Read…